Flying to San Francisco today, we encountered turbulence. I got inspiration while bumping through the air at 20,000 and some odd feet up above the clouds. Sometimes life is turbulent and bumpy. Really, most of the time. I have learned the hard way to take full advantage of the good, smooth times and just try go with the flow when it starts getting hectic and hard. It’s a little scary when you don’t have any control of the outcome. I really hate that. But, it’s a learning experience. We don’t have control anyway, we just think we do. Anything could happen at any time and there is nothing we can do about it.

So, does that mean that we give up on living just because we’re all going to go through tough times? I’ve been reading in Ecclesiastes and King Solomon was so pessimistic about life and happiness. It’s kind of funny to me because he had everything and he still felt depressed and hopeless. Here I am, a nobody and I have felt the same way. I guess money and fame really can’t buy you happiness. So what is the answer then?

Jesus is always the answer. He’s the answer to salvation and He’s the answer to happiness. The joy of the Lord is my strength! When I feel down and out, I have NO strength– physically, mentally, or spiritually. Life comes with turbulence but the rough times make you stronger and wiser. If you never fought the battles in your life you wouldn’t know just how strong you really are! I guess that’s why we press on, so we can try to live an abundant life. Jesus is the answer there too. He came so that we might have abundant life. That part is up to us. 

Are you going to let turbulence scare the life out of you or are you going to ride it out and overcome it? It only lasts for a short time and then there are clear skies!

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