As a writer, and someone who must fight daily to keep depression from sneaking up on me again, I understand that it’s very easy for me to get overwhelmed. I find myself doing several things at once and it feels like I have hundreds of ideas swirling around in my head like a jumbled mess. I am trying to find the best way for someone like me to multitask. I currently have a planner for work, a planner for my book(s), and a planner for my social media. I’m not sure if I need just one planner or if I need to keep everything separate. It’s a trial and error process.

How many planners are too many??

I am currently finishing up one of my books, BUT I have also started researching for two other books I want to get done right now AND I have jotted down some ideas about another book series I want to start right now. I am feeling a little overwhelmed. I do understand that I have too much going on and I would have a lot less stress if I could focus on just one thing at a time. That’s not easy for me to do.

Books, Books, and more Books
How many books can I write at one time??

There is also tons of stuff going on in my life that doesn’t involve writing and I’m just trying to find a good balance to keep my sanity. So, what do I do? Today, I am taking a step back to try to figure it out. Sundays are days to rest. I need to rest in the Lord and rest from my stress. It’s very hard for me to let my mind rest. I always see or think of things that need to be done. Does anyone else have this problem? I can’t be the only one. I need advice. I’m going to take this day to study God’s word and seek out ways to organize these different areas of my life. I’m too blessed to be stressed!

Matthew 7:7
I will seek the Lord and find the answer!

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