Love never fails

What is love? The Bible tells us in 1st Corinthians 4-7 exactly what love is. Notice that the Bible does NOT describe love as a feeling. It is a specific action. In order to love, you don’t necessarily feel it. We have a society with a skewed idea of what love is. I have heard people say over and over that “Love never fails”. I totally agree with that statement, but most people don’t understand the true meaning of it. Then, these same people are in and out of relationships and have no stability. Their kind of love fails them daily. God is love! God will never fail you! He promises to never leave you or forsake you. Your last boyfriend or girlfriend probably did leave and forsake you.

What do you love? Is it a relationship or drugs or alcohol? Do you put God first or just talk to Him when your life falls apart– then blame Him for it? It’s not His fault, it’s yours. I have heard many addicts say that they “love” the substance that they are addicted to. That’s not love, it’s an addiction. It’s a skewed substitute of love. People are really not understanding what love actually is. Jesus loves us so much that he died for us. He loves us unconditionally. Not because we love Him. 

Love is an action. Well then, is love sexual. No, that is a gift that God gave a husband and a wife to enjoy each other. Sex is a benefit of marriage, not dating. Love is not temporary and fleeting. It’s not a whim. It’s not about what other people do or don’t do to you or for you. It’s not even if someone loves you back or deserves your love. Who really deserves love? We are all undeserving. So, actually nobody loves cigarettes or drugs or alcohol. They just lust after them. They crave them. They are addicted to them. It’s not love. It’s an emotional feeling for them. Love is deeper than addiction and sexual immorality. Love endures through every circumstance. Love will get you through.

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