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Sample Interview Questions for Jeanette Cole

Depression: State of Mind

You are what You…

  • Howdid you come up with your title Depression:State of Mind you are what you…?
  • Whenyou write, what is the process that you use to make the project successful?
  • Whatdo you hope this book accomplishes?
  • Whois this book written for?
  • Youinclude a nice combination of information including sharing and participationby the reader. Also included, you have provided a journal that is strictly fornote taking and journaling. Share how journaling can be used as part of the healingprocess, why you included it in one of the copies of your book, and why youthink journaling is important.
  • Isthere anything else that you would like your readers to know about you thatwould give us even more of a glimpse into your personality and passions?

Fun Facts. Yes, I am weird!

I love Dachshunds! I have two fur babies.

My favorite author is Frank Peretti.

My favorite food is Mexican.

I love the drums! I used to have a drum set and drove the neighbors crazy when I was a teenager.

I have a collection of ceramic faces that I have had since I was a young girl.


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