How deep are you rooted?

My last post was about soul wounds compared to weeds and roots. Now, I am going to blog about how deep your seeds are rooted. In Matthew, Jesus tells us about different seeds. He talks about how deep the seed is rooted. The seeds that are planted in shallow ground were eaten by birds and never had a chance to take root. Some of the seeds ended up on rocky soil and had shallow roots. These faded quickly because they were not rooted deep enough to produce. Even others fell on among thorns that choked them out. Some, however, fell on fertile soil and took deep root to produce abundant crops.

The deeper the root, the more healthy and productive they are. The deeper that we are rooted in God’s word, the more productive we are too! This does go both ways. Weeds with deep roots tend to choke out the harvest of whatever they grow near. If your soul has wounds that are deep, you will produce a negative, unhealthy harvest. But, if you are deep-rooted with God’s word, you will produce an abundantly good harvest. The bible says that we are known by our fruit. Are you producing good fruit or bad fruit?

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