Getting Prepared for your Dream

Do you have a dream? Something that kind-of feels like a Disney movie dancing in your head? When you think about it, you smile- then look around to make sure nobody was looking at you smiling to yourself like and idiot? I have a dream to start my own business. I can see it in my head! I am so excited about it!

When you have a dream, it is something that God put inside of you. Maybe you are dreaming about your future husband or wife. Or, you’re dreaming about starting your own business, like I am. Don’t you think you need to prepare yourself for your dream? If you are not preparing yourself for it, what are you waiting for? Are you happy with the way your life if heading right now? If not, do things that will move you toward your dream. Start somewhere even if it’s small steps. Go forward toward your dream and don’t stay stagnant.

Don’t waste your life and then wish you did something more with it when you get old. Rich people are rich because they keep doing what makes them rich and poor people are poor because they keep doing what makes them poor. That is the truth. Do something with your life and don’t expect others to do it for you. 3 John 1:2. KJV “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” God wants us to prosper, so why don’t we go for it? 

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