Don’t get stuck in a funk

For whatever reason, the past few months I have been in a funk. My mood has been getting lower and lower until now I’m really struggling to make it through the day. A lot of this is due to my job. I already know that most people don’t share my work ethics. I can usually shrug it off and go on about my business, but lately it is making me really angry. 

I don’t want to feel like this and I know that this is not the way I need to live my life. I can only be responsible for how I do my job and I can promise that I do my job as unto the Lord. Whether or not I get any recognition for that is not my problem. The Lord sees my faithfulness, even if nobody else does. He sees what I do in private and He sees what others do in private.

Romans 4:23

Renew your mind

I will look up to where my help comes from instead of looking around at my circumstances. God is a rewarded of hard work and he will prosper all I set my hands to do. I choose to move forward and press on toward my goal. God has good things in store for me and I will not give up just because I feel down. This feeling is temporary and I will get to the other side. I’m excited about this year, the year of Jubilee! It is a year of restoration. I’m expecting good things to come!


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