Don’t be a sell-out!

Are you a sell-out or are you all-in? Do you prostitute yourself out instead of committing yourself to the One who will set you free? Do you give into lusts instead of keeping yourself pure before the Lord? The wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). That’s why we need to remain pure and blameless instead of giving into our flesh. When we turn away from God, He will turn away from us.

In Hosea, God instructed him to marry a prostitute. There was a lesson that God wanted him to learn in this experience. Son #1 was named Jezreel, meaning –God will punish Israel and bring an end to Israel’s independence because of murders that Israel committed against Jesreel. Daughter #2 was named Lo-ruhamah, meaning ‘not loved’ –God will not longer show love to Israel. Son #3 was named Lo-ammi, meaning ‘not My people’ –for Israel is not God’s people and God is not their God.

God’s people sold themselves out for food and clothing (Hosea 2:5). Like today, some sell out for food stamps and just enough to survive, but not enough to better themselves with. People are happy to live on what the government gives them instead of working and providing for their families. They won’t try to make a better life for themselves or their children, it’s a vicious cycle of generational welfare. I have family members that have never worked a job in their life. I can’t relate to that. This generation is lazy and that is a sin. (2 Thessalonians) tells us that people that are unwilling to work shall not eat.

Repent! (Hosea 6:6-7) God wants His people to show love, to know Him and to keep His covenants. We can only have a move of God if we repent. God assured Hosea that later, His people will come back together and be planted again in their land. In that day, Israel will be called ‘My people and the one’s I love’.

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