Diamond in the rough

I love diamonds! What girl doesn’t, right? I love that my birthstone is a diamond. I’m not into all that ‘witchy’ stuff, but I do like the fact that a diamond is the stone of April. The only way to cut a diamond is with another diamond. They are made of the hardest material in the world. The diamond is the strongest of all stones. Even though it doesn’t look very strong, it’s beauty is deceiving. I like to think of myself like that. I might not look or feel strong, but I actually am. I might be a diamond in the rough, but I’m still a diamond!

God is cutting away at the hard, rough edges and creating something that defies logic and imagination. He is creating a masterpiece. It’s a process but the end result is still the same. I am a beautiful jewel created just as God wanted me to be. I spent my entire life thinking something was wrong with me because I’m different than everybody else. That is so stupid! We are all different. That is what’s so beautiful! We are not the same! I say embrace your uniqueness and don’t let others make you feel bad about yourself because of your imperfections. Your imperfections were actually perfectly designed by our living Creator to make you-YOU. Who’s to say something is not perfect anyway? It’s usually someone that is trying to hide all of their insecurities by pointing out and focusing on yours. 

Don’t waste your life trying to be like other people or trying to fit in with the crowd. God has set you apart and nobody can truthfully call you ugly because God has called you beautiful. You’re not the one with the problem. Ask yourself why someone would bring up something about you that could possibly hurt your feelings or make you sad. It’s because the devil in them is using them to stop you and keep you down. Don’t let the enemy win. There are always going to be haters. They really can’t stand it when it doesn’t bother you, so don’t let it. Just remember that God is with you and He doesn’t make junk.

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