Dead or dormant

As we approach Halloween, I wanted to blog about something more fitting to the holiday. I don’t celebrate Halloween, but the idea around it is scary haunted houses, dead and dark things, and trick-or-treats. Do you ever feel like your dreams are dead? Like they will never come to life. When you know that you shouldn’t be sitting in a cubicle all day, that you should be doing something totally different than what you are doing today. I know, for me, the monotony of life makes me feel like I am going in circles instead of progressing forward in the area that God has called me.

I believe that there is a message in our monotony. If we don’t learn what it takes to do what God has called us to do, then we won’t be able to do it. The dream is dormant, instead of dead, until we get to the place we need to be to handle the calling. Life is a learning process. We won’t stop learning lessons until we die. If you feel led to an area and love that type of work, then chances are, God is training you to do it. It just takes time. Don’t give up and think it’s a dead dream -it’s just dormant until you are ready for it.

Just like leaves on the trees in the fall, they go dormant until the next spring. They get a fresh start in their new season. They have to go through the winter season before it is time to bloom out again. The trees are not dead, they might look dead, but they are still standing and producing carbon dioxide for us to breath. They are just not green and vibrant like they are in the spring and summer. In due season, your dream will come to pass. Just keep going in that direction and God will provide the right season for it.

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