Diamond in the rough

I love diamonds! What girl doesn’t, right? I love that my birthstone is a diamond. I’m not into all that ‘witchy’ stuff, but I do like the fact that a diamond is the stone of April. The only way to cut a diamond is with another diamond. They are made of the hardest material in the world. The diamond is the strongest of all stones. Even though it doesn’t look very strong, it’s beauty is deceiving. I like to think of myself like that. I might not look or feel strong, but I actually am. I might be a diamond in the rough, but I’m still a diamond!

God is cutting away at the hard, rough edges and creating something that defies logic and imagination. He is creating a masterpiece. It’s a process but the end result is still the same. I am a beautiful jewel created just as God wanted me to be. I spent my entire life thinking something was wrong with me because I’m different than everybody else. That is so stupid! We are all different. That is what’s so beautiful! We are not the same! I say embrace your uniqueness and don’t let others make you feel bad about yourself because of your imperfections. Your imperfections were actually perfectly designed by our living Creator to make you-YOU. Who’s to say something is not perfect anyway? It’s usually someone that is trying to hide all of their insecurities by pointing out and focusing on yours. 

Don’t waste your life trying to be like other people or trying to fit in with the crowd. God has set you apart and nobody can truthfully call you ugly because God has called you beautiful. You’re not the one with the problem. Ask yourself why someone would bring up something about you that could possibly hurt your feelings or make you sad. It’s because the devil in them is using them to stop you and keep you down. Don’t let the enemy win. There are always going to be haters. They really can’t stand it when it doesn’t bother you, so don’t let it. Just remember that God is with you and He doesn’t make junk.

Jesus put a ring on it!

On 8/21/17 we had the most amazing total solar eclipse that spanned the entire United States. I’ve never seen such an awesome display of God’s glorious creation. I love how it made a diamond ring just when it came out of the total covering. It kind-of reminds me of our spiritual covering and our engagement ring from our bridegroom. He’s coming for us soon.

Baily’s beads – Wikipedia


Diamond Ring Effect

Diamond Ring Effect

As the moon “grazes” by the Sun during a solar eclipse, the rugged lunar limb topography allows beads of sunlight to shine through in some places, and not in others. … The diamond ring effect is seen when only one bead is left; a shining diamond set in a bright ring around the lunar silhouette.


Okay, here’s what I’m wondering. This is only my thoughts, so please don’t think I am saying that this is the way everything is going to happen. I really don’t know. Nobody does. But, since the U.S. is not going to be in existence during the end time, what is going to happen to take us out of the picture? My personal thought is that Jesus is going to get us out of here so that we can have our Marriage Supper of the Lamb with Him, and then the dominoes will fall as they may here on earth. Without Christians around to pray blessings over our country, then our country won’t be blessed anymore. That’s the only way it’s going to fall. I don’t think it will happen while true Christians are here praying because –God hears our prayers. Proverbs 15:29 (NLT) “The LORD is far from the wicked, but he hears the prayers of the righteous.”

Remember how God protected Lot from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, just because he was the only righteous man in the city? Genesis 19:29 (NLT) “But God had listened to Abraham’s request and kept Lot safe, removing him from the disaster that engulfed the cities on the plain.” I believe that God will protect us too. Why would He leave us to be tortured under a totally ungodly ruler. Our prayers are stopping the anti-Christ from revealing himself. When we are gone, it’s on! I pray for my kids and family. I don’t want them to be here when all this devastation happens. Please Church, pray for your loved ones and don’t give up on them. I am sad when I think about how many people don’t have anyone praying for them now. The time has gotten so bad, and each generation that passes is farther and farther away from God and his covering. It won’t be long. Things can not keep going the way they are going. That’s the truth!

What will God say to you?

On the day of judgement, will God be happy with your behavior or will He be disappointed? I wonder sometimes about some “Christians” I see on Sundays after Church. Have you ever had the best time at Church and then go out afterwards and see other Church people acting like they have never even been to a Church at all? They act like they just climbed out from under a rock or something. We, of all people, should know how to act in public! Come on Christians! Or so-called Christians… If nobody outside of your Church knows you attend Church, then you are not representing Jesus the way you should be.

Jesus never cussed out anyone at Walmart or acted like a fool to his waitress over a wrong side item. He certainly never showed disrespect to his parents or to others! So, we should not be doing that either! If you are a jerk everywhere else except Church- well, even at Church – you really need to re-evaluate your salvation. Also, if you’re causing division in the Church or gossiping about other Church members, you might need to have a heart to heart with our creator and see if you are truly saved at all. In Matthew 7:23 KJV, Jesus will say to some on judgement day, “…I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity”. What a terrible day that will be! Revelation 3:16 NLT also says, “So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”

Revelation 3:16

Since you are neither hot nor cold, God will spit you out of His mouth!

Christianity is not a club or a social status. It is a life style- we are supposed to be new creations when we become saved by grace. We are to put away all the old sin and take on the yoke of Jesus. Don’t take out your frustrations on others. You could be the entire reason someone will not go to Church! They might see your pictures on Facebook, where you are in Church, and think to themselves that all Christians are the same– all are fake. We’re not! But if all non-Christians see from us is the same or worse than what they see from everyone else, they will not give Jesus a chance. 

We will all be judged. I want to stand before my Holy God with clean hands and a pure heart and hear Him say to me, “Well done my good and faithful servant!” That is my goal in this life. I don’t want to falsely represent my living God by acting like the devil while wearing my Sunday best! I fall short every day, but I try my best not to. When I do fail Him, I pretty much know it immediately and quickly repent because I do NOT want to let Him down. He has never let me down! 

Determined to self-destruct

Have you ever known people who were determined to self-destruct? People who don’t seem to learn from their mistakes? We all make mistakes, but our mistakes don’t make us failures. Whether or not we are smart and tough enough to learn from our mistakes will determine if we are fighters or failures.

If we keep repeating that same bad action or bad habit over and over again without learning a lesson from it, we are failures. If we correct our mistakes and don’t keep repeating them, then we are fighters and over-comers.

It’s pretty much that simple. Don’t keep complaining and wallowing in self pity if you keep doing the same ole thing and nothing changes. That’s insanity! You like it if you keep doing it! You must like the attention more than getting the breakthrough. Change if you need to or accept the misery you have chosen to create. You can’t have both!That is what I had to learn the hard way for myself. I couldn’t let my surroundings keep me depressed. I had to force myself to find something good to focus on. I chose to focus on God instead. If you wonder why you are having the same arguments year after year or why you are at the same place you were at 5 years ago, it’s because you haven’t made anything new or good happen in your life. Take responsibility. It’s not everybody else’s fault, it’s yours!

Essentially, you need to repent. The word of God tells us to repent, for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Acts 3:19 says, “Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.” Yes, that means that we all need to confess that we have sinned and stop blaming others for our mistakes. Let God help you fix your mess. He will keep letting you try to fix it as long as you hold onto it. But, when you repent and confess that you screwed up, He will help you. The choice is yours. 

Love never fails

What is love? The Bible tells us in 1st Corinthians 4-7 exactly what love is. Notice that the Bible does NOT describe love as a feeling. It is a specific action. In order to love, you don’t necessarily feel it. We have a society with a skewed idea of what love is. I have heard people say over and over that “Love never fails”. I totally agree with that statement, but most people don’t understand the true meaning of it. Then, these same people are in and out of relationships and have no stability. Their kind of love fails them daily. God is love! God will never fail you! He promises to never leave you or forsake you. Your last boyfriend or girlfriend probably did leave and forsake you.

What do you love? Is it a relationship or drugs or alcohol? Do you put God first or just talk to Him when your life falls apart– then blame Him for it? It’s not His fault, it’s yours. I have heard many addicts say that they “love” the substance that they are addicted to. That’s not love, it’s an addiction. It’s a skewed substitute of love. People are really not understanding what love actually is. Jesus loves us so much that he died for us. He loves us unconditionally. Not because we love Him. 

Love is an action. Well then, is love sexual. No, that is a gift that God gave a husband and a wife to enjoy each other. Sex is a benefit of marriage, not dating. Love is not temporary and fleeting. It’s not a whim. It’s not about what other people do or don’t do to you or for you. It’s not even if someone loves you back or deserves your love. Who really deserves love? We are all undeserving. So, actually nobody loves cigarettes or drugs or alcohol. They just lust after them. They crave them. They are addicted to them. It’s not love. It’s an emotional feeling for them. Love is deeper than addiction and sexual immorality. Love endures through every circumstance. Love will get you through.

Fake it until you make it

Matt 15:18 tells us that things that come out of a persons mouth come from the heart and defiles therm.

Mark 11:23 tells us that if we would just believe, that we could tell a mountain to go and throw its-self into the sea and it would be done for us. So, this verse tells me that God will do for us what we believe. It’s not us doing it, it’s just us speaking it forth.

I have heard both sides of whether people should fake it until they make it. One side says you should never fake it because you are lying if you pretend to be happy or healed or whatever. Then you have the other side saying definitely fake it until you make it! This is seeing into the spiritual instead of the natural. I lean more toward that side of the line. 

I have, many times, told people that I’m doing great or that I don’t need anything, when, in fact, that was not the case. But, if I started speaking everything that was not going right, I would be giving life to the lie of the enemy. So which is it? Fake it or speak the lie? Are we healed by the stripes for Jesus even if we don’t feel healed or are we getting our healing in heaven? Didn’t Jesus come to earth so that we might have life and life more abundant?

You can’t go by your feelings. You’re feelings will lead you straight to hell. Besides, I don’t necessarily believe that people are faking it, they are just calling forth those things that are not as though they are. Don’t we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us, who has resurrection power? Didn’t Jesus say that we would do greater works than he did? So, isn’t that Biblical? Romans 4:17 says that God gives life to the dead and calls into being things that were not. 

Time for rest

I have once again been inspired by my vacation to beautiful California. I am relaxing at the pool at our hotel and the view is like a tropical paradise! It’s so relaxing. I haven’t been able to relax in so long that I forgot how. Thank the Lord it comes naturally in an environment like this! Our bodies need rest. We are not made to be in the go 24/7/365. There is a time for rest. I have planted my seed of work and study and now it’s my time for harvest! Ecclesiastes 11:6 says, “Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plane. If they watch every cloud, they never harvest.”
When it’s harvest time, that means you can sit back and enjoy everything your hard work produced. We need the rest in between the times of work. That’s how we get rejuvenated and refreshed to do it all over again, with the right attitude! The time for planting is never ending because we don’t want to become idle and useless. Ecclesiastes 11:6 says,”Plant your seed in the morning and keep busy all afternoon, for you don’t know if profit will come from one activity or another – or maybe both.” God has a plan for us and we should try to accomplish our tasks. But, He knows we need rest too.
Rest in the Lord and be recharged to take on the world!


Flying to San Francisco today, we encountered turbulence. I got inspiration while bumping through the air at 20,000 and some odd feet up above the clouds. Sometimes life is turbulent and bumpy. Really, most of the time. I have learned the hard way to take full advantage of the good, smooth times and just try go with the flow when it starts getting hectic and hard. It’s a little scary when you don’t have any control of the outcome. I really hate that. But, it’s a learning experience. We don’t have control anyway, we just think we do. Anything could happen at any time and there is nothing we can do about it.

So, does that mean that we give up on living just because we’re all going to go through tough times? I’ve been reading in Ecclesiastes and King Solomon was so pessimistic about life and happiness. It’s kind of funny to me because he had everything and he still felt depressed and hopeless. Here I am, a nobody and I have felt the same way. I guess money and fame really can’t buy you happiness. So what is the answer then?

Jesus is always the answer. He’s the answer to salvation and He’s the answer to happiness. The joy of the Lord is my strength! When I feel down and out, I have NO strength– physically, mentally, or spiritually. Life comes with turbulence but the rough times make you stronger and wiser. If you never fought the battles in your life you wouldn’t know just how strong you really are! I guess that’s why we press on, so we can try to live an abundant life. Jesus is the answer there too. He came so that we might have abundant life. That part is up to us. 

Are you going to let turbulence scare the life out of you or are you going to ride it out and overcome it? It only lasts for a short time and then there are clear skies!

Don’t get stuck in a funk

For whatever reason, the past few months I have been in a funk. My mood has been getting lower and lower until now I’m really struggling to make it through the day. A lot of this is due to my job. I already know that most people don’t share my work ethics. I can usually shrug it off and go on about my business, but lately it is making me really angry. 

I don’t want to feel like this and I know that this is not the way I need to live my life. I can only be responsible for how I do my job and I can promise that I do my job as unto the Lord. Whether or not I get any recognition for that is not my problem. The Lord sees my faithfulness, even if nobody else does. He sees what I do in private and He sees what others do in private.

Romans 4:23

Renew your mind

I will look up to where my help comes from instead of looking around at my circumstances. God is a rewarded of hard work and he will prosper all I set my hands to do. I choose to move forward and press on toward my goal. God has good things in store for me and I will not give up just because I feel down. This feeling is temporary and I will get to the other side. I’m excited about this year, the year of Jubilee! It is a year of restoration. I’m expecting good things to come!


Getting Prepared for your Dream

Do you have a dream? Something that kind-of feels like a Disney movie dancing in your head? When you think about it, you smile- then look around to make sure nobody was looking at you smiling to yourself like and idiot? I have a dream to start my own business. I can see it in my head! I am so excited about it!

When you have a dream, it is something that God put inside of you. Maybe you are dreaming about your future husband or wife. Or, you’re dreaming about starting your own business, like I am. Don’t you think you need to prepare yourself for your dream? If you are not preparing yourself for it, what are you waiting for? Are you happy with the way your life if heading right now? If not, do things that will move you toward your dream. Start somewhere even if it’s small steps. Go forward toward your dream and don’t stay stagnant.

Don’t waste your life and then wish you did something more with it when you get old. Rich people are rich because they keep doing what makes them rich and poor people are poor because they keep doing what makes them poor. That is the truth. Do something with your life and don’t expect others to do it for you. 3 John 1:2. KJV “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” God wants us to prosper, so why don’t we go for it?