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My happy place!

Sunset Beach, NC 09/18/19

My husband and I recently moved to the beach and started our lives over. We are both from the Tennessee Valley area and decided to make a change. I love, love, love living at the beach! I love living on beach time! Everything seems so much more laid back here and the people are very friendly. Tennessee has great people too, but I knew that I needed a change of pace. I needed a change of scenery. I also needed a career change.

After we moved here, I became a Realtor. There’s a lot to learn! I had no idea that becoming a Real Estate Agent would be so difficult. I love it, but it is definitely not easy. I am currently in training and my mind is blown! As with anything, it will take time to know the process and get a routine down. I get stressed when everything is unorganized and haphazard. I’m not sure how to be organized since I don’t know very much about this business. It will get better when I learn more and see how others do it.

My happy place is the beach. I go there almost every day. I encourage you to visit your happy place and get renewed in your mind and body. You don’t necessarily need to move there, but you do need to get away and have some downtime to regenerate your wellbeing. Life is hard. Life is life. Make time for your happy place. Go to the mountains, waterfalls, hiking trails, or to the beach and get your peace back. Life can sometimes deplete us of our lives, but God wants us to have life to the fullest!